The NVG Buddy – 3 in 1

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The NVG Buddy – 3 in 1
What is it?
The NVG Buddy is a Mil-Spec Screw In Sacrificial Lens which fits all Mil-Spec front & rear lenses.
What does it do?
The NVG Buddy main purpose is to protect your lens from getting shot out during FoF Training or during an Airsoft game. We have tested the Clear sacrificial lens with 400 FPS on 0.2g BB’s at point blank range without a single scratch.
What’s the “3 in 1”?
Not only does it protect your lenses but it also gives you the opportunity to make your Green Phosphor tubes look like White Phosphor with the White Phosphor Filters! Both the Amber Filter & White Phosphor Filter included in the package can be used on Green Phosphor devices to reduce eye fatigue and eye strain.
This is for all 30mm Mil-Spec lenses.
What comes in the package?
  • 2x The NVG Buddy – 3 in 1
  • 2x Clear Sacrificial Lens
  • 2x White Phosphor Filter
  • 2x Amber Filter
This is a very cheap insurance on your multi-thousand investments. Backorders take roughly 2 weeks to ship out


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